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Textbook Rental Information


Can I rent my books online or do I have to rent in store?

Books can be rented online or in store.

How do I rent online?

Follow the ordering procedure, and when the requested books for your courses are displayed any books that are rentable will display with options to rent used or rent new. Choose any books you want to rent. Continue through the checkout process. *If you are paying with Dragon Dollars, you will also be required to enter a valid credit card. The credit card will not be charged except in the case of the non-return of a rented book.*

Are all books rentable?

While not all books are rentable, there are currently hundreds of titles available.

Can I highlight a rented book?

Minimal highlighting and notation is acceptable.

What happens if I lose or damage a rented book?

If a rented book is lost or damaged you will be charged the difference between the rental price and the cost of a replacement new book.

How do I return rented textbooks?

Summer rentals are due by August 25.

View rental return instructions.

Click here to view the complete rental terms and conditions.