To submit your textbook adoptions, please visit our Faculty Adoptions page.

If you need information on how to order a desk copy, visit our Desk Copy Info page.


   Fall orders are due mid-March.

   Spring orders are due mid-October.

Five Easy Options

We offer five simple and convenient ways to submit your book requisitions. Choose the one that works best for you:

    Online: The fastest and easiest way to submit your requisitions. Simply click here.

    Email: Email Allan at allan.barnes@oneonta.edu with your requisitions for the next term.

    Phone: Give us a call Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 4:00pm at (607) 436-3329 and we can take your requisitions over the phone.

    Mail/Fax: Send your requisitions via campus mail to Damascene Book Cellar, Red Dragon Outfitters building or fax it to (607) 436-3805.

    Direct: Feel free to drop by the store, located in the Red Dragon Outfitters building, and give us your requisitions in person.

Why are timely and accurate textbook requisitions so important?

    Improve Class Quality: Timely and accurate textbook requisitions allow us to appropriately stock our shelves to meet the needs of the students. This means that we can get textbooks into the students’ hands which can help enhance the overall quality of engagement and participation in the classroom. The longer a student puts off purchasing a textbook, the less likely it is the student will succeed.

    Managing Cost: Early textbook requisitions are essential to textbook buyback and providing students with used textbooks. When we know in advance of finals what will be used in the following semester we are able to buy student textbooks at a much higher price. This also increases the amount of used books we can offer students in the following semester, further helping to manage the ever-increasing cost of textbooks.

    Less Stress: Early and accurate textbook requisitions allow us to identify and diagnose any challenges in obtaining books from our vendors. Problems with backorders, out of print titles, and shipping can be addressed quickly and we can notify you well in advance of the semester. This means less stress for everyone.

Early submissions of textbook requisitions save students money and keep our shelves stocked with the materials students need to succeed.

New York State Textbook Access Act

   On July 1, 2009 the New York State Textbook Access Act went into effect. This legislation is intended to promote open and transparent marketing, choice, pricing, and purchasing of course materials and to reduce student expenditures on these materials. Click here to learn more.

2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act—Section 133

   Additionally, there is a provision in the federal 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act that requires that the ISBN and retail price of required and recommended textbooks and supplemental materials for each listed course be published in the online course schedule. When you give us book information, we post it on our web site. As a result, the college is compliant with the law. For an overview of this section of the act, click here.

Use of Copyrighted Materials

   The Copyright Law of the United States grants owners of copyrights (authors and other creators and publishers) the sole right to reproduce all or part of the work, to distribute copies, to prepare new (derivative) versions based on the original work, and to perform and display the work publicly. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), passed in 1998, amends the US Copyright Law. Primarily, it makes it illegal to circumvent copyright protection measures and provides some protection from liability to online service providers.

   In an effort to ensure continued compliance with US Copyright Law and the DMCA, the campus has adopted a policy contained within the Copyright and the College Student document on the SUNY Oneonta web site. For more information regarding the use of copyrighted materials, visit the US Copyright Office website and the full text of the DMCA.

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