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Tips for Requesting Desk Copies

The easiest and most effective method is to Google the name of the publisher and “desk copies.” For example, “Pearson Desk Copies” will bring up the link for Pearson’s review and desk copy request procedures. This method will work with most publishers.

Some publishers will require you to create an account. These accounts can be helpful in providing you access to online resources and other teaching materials. If you are not comfortable creating an account, you may be able to search the publisher’s website and reach out to a sales representative directly.

When sending an email request, remember to provide complete information including your name, position, department, school, contact number and email; the course number, name, enrollment, and start date; and the title, author(s), ISBN, and edition or copyright for the book.

Here are some links and emails for major publishers:

If you are still having trouble, please contact the bookstore at 436-3329 and we will be happy to provide additional assistance.