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Buyback Hours and Information


We always buy books!

Sell your books online, anytime to our partner Texas Book Company. Check prices now.

Best prices paid for books starting Wednesday, December 8!



When should I sell my books?

You can always sell books, but we will pay the best prices during finals.

What determines buyback price?

We pay the best prices for books that are going to be used again for the upcoming semester and for which we still need additional inventory to fill our quota. For most of these books, we pay 1/2 of the purchase price.

If a book is not being used again or the instructor has not yet placed a book order or we have filled the quantity that we need to resell for next semester, then we buy for nationally based wholesale companies and pay the prices they set.

What books will you buy back?

We will buy any book that we can resell, regardless of where you bought it. This includes books bought online or at other schools.

Are there any books you won't buy?

We cannot buy books with missing pages, water damage or broken bindings. We cannot buy work books or study guides with answers filled in. We do not buy back international editions.

Should I return the CDs or access codes that came with my books?

You should always bring in all supplemental materials, including unused access codes, to ensure you get the best prices for your books.


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